Meet Kappal: Your Partner in Logistics Excellence

At the forefront of supply chain evolution, we’re reinventing logistics with tech-driven solutions like never before.

Our Company’s Journey

Welcome to Kappal, where expertise meets innovation. Envisage and nurtured by leaders from the industry, Kappal was founded with a singular vision: to evolve into the preferred operating system for MSME logistics users.


Our roots span across the globe, but our heart is in India, where we’ve established services in four key locations. This strategic presence amplifies our global network and service capabilities, ensuring we’re never too far away to support your operations.


At Kappal, our team is our pride. Each member boasts robust industry experience and a deep understanding of product nuances, shaping the core of our competence. Armed with this knowledge, we relentlessly pursue the simplification of logistics. Our aim? To make your journey less about grappling with complexity & more about reaping the value.


So, come, join us on this exciting journey. Let’s revolutionize logistics together and write a success story that’s as much ours as it is yours.

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Our Vibrant Culture & Values

Step into our dynamic culture, fostered by integrity, teamwork, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

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Customer First Attitude

Our steadfast commitment to prioritizing customer needs guides our delivery of exemplary services marked by attentiveness, proactiveness, and a passion for surpassing expectations.

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We uphold stringent standards of integrity and ethics, promising transparency, accountability, and fostering trustful relationships with our clients and partners.

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Collaboration and Teamwork

We celebrate diversity and thrive through teamwork, fostering an innovative atmosphere where everyone’s unique skills are valued and utilized. United, we prosper.

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Grounded in humility, we are open to learning, acknowledging every contribution, and fostering an inclusive atmosphere where individual growth is encouraged.


The Winning Edge

Explore what distinguishes us and fuels our progress.

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Seamless Technology Adoption

At Kappal, we provide personalized support, handholding our customers throughout their technology adoption journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

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Exceptional Customer Accessibility

Our commitment to being accessible to our customers ensures real-time assistance and responsiveness, empowering you with the support you need, when you need it.


Leadership at Kappal

Get to know the inspiring leaders who lead us towards greatness with their vision, expertise, and dedication to Kappal’s mission.

Kappal Team Member - Satyaue Paul

Satyaue Paul


"Sridhar Gopal Director Operations and Strategy"

Sridhar Gopal

Director Operations and Strategy

Kappal Team Member - Vinay Sangwan

Vinay Sangwan

Head of Sales

"Kappal Team Member - Tejas Mulekar Head of Procurement"

Tejas Mulekar

Head of Procurement

Brilliant Minds: Our Heads

Meet the Dynamic Team of Experts Driving Excellence in Their Respective Fields, 

Leading Kappal’s Unwavering Success and Innovation.

"Kappal Team Member - Abhishek Arote Digital Platform"

Abhishek Arote

Digital Platform

"Kappal Team Member - Glory Peter Air division"

Glory Peter

Air division

"Kappal Team Member - Naveen R Reefer vertical"

Naveen R

Reefer vertical

"Kappal Team Member - Rajesh Surange Agro vertical"

Rajesh Surange

Agro vertical

"Kappal Team Member - Amtulla Kagalwala Tiles /stones & marbles"

Amtulla Kagalwala

Tiles /stones & marbles

"Kappal Team Member - Tushar Seth Retail & Machinery vertical"

Tushar Seth

Retail & Machinery vertical

The Kappal Squad

Our team is a combination of

Simplify your logistics and technology needs with Kappal.