Ocean Freight Services

Kappal’s Ocean Freight Services in India – Navigate Global Waters with Confidence

When it comes to ocean freight, efficient planning and cost-effective solutions are paramount. At Kappal, we offer a comprehensive suite of ocean freight services that empower businesses to navigate global waters with confidence. Our platform provides direct shipping line spot rates from 7 top shipping lines, backed by API integration for FCL (Full Container Load) imports and exports. With real-time access to rates, schedules, transit times, and specialized offerings like curated LCL (Less than Container Load) rates, we simplify your rate search process, reduce procurement time, and provide transparent tracking and tracing of your ocean cargo.

Why Ocean Freight Matters

Cost Efficiency

Ocean freight is cost-effective for large shipments, making it a preferred choice for many businesses.

Global Reach

Ocean cargo services connect businesses to markets worldwide, facilitating international trade.

Environmental Benefits

Ocean freight is considered more environmentally friendly than some other modes of transportation.


Ocean freight can accommodate various types of cargo, including bulk goods, machinery, vehicles, and consumer products.


Shipping lines adhere to strict schedules and safety standards, ensuring the reliability of ocean freight services.

Why Choose Kappal’s Ocean Freight Services?

Our ocean freight services are designed to streamline your cargo planning and procurement. Here’s why Kappal is the ideal choice for businesses seeking ocean cargo solutions:

Start Navigating Global Waters with Kappal

Kappal’s ocean freight services empower you with direct rates, real-time data, reduced procurement time, and efficient tracking and tracing capabilities. We are committed to helping you simplify your cargo planning, reduce costs, and win more business.


Don’t let the complexities of ocean freight hold you back. Contact us today to explore our ocean freight services and experience the confidence that Kappal can bring to your global shipping operations.


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What is ocean freight service?

Ocean freight service involves the transportation of goods via ships across the world’s oceans. It is a cost-effective and reliable method for international cargo shipments.

How does Kappal provide direct shipping line spot rates?

Kappal offers direct shipping line spot rates from seven top shipping lines through API integration. This provides real-time access to competitive rates for FCL imports and exports.

How can I get real-time rates, schedules, and transit times for ocean freight shipments?

Kappal’s platform provides real-time data, allowing you to access rates, schedules, and transit times instantly, helping you make informed decisions for cargo planning.

What are special field rates in ocean freight, and how can they benefit my business?

Special field rates in ocean freight are negotiated rates that often surpass market rates. They provide cost-saving advantages, particularly for large shipments, reducing transportation expenses.

What are LCL rates, and how are they curated to meet specific requirements?

LCL (Less than Container Load) rates are designed for shipments that don’t require a full container. Kappal offers curated LCL rates tailored to your specific cargo requirements, ensuring cost-effective shipping.

How does Kappal’s platform act as a procurement platform for ocean freight rates?

Kappal simplifies the rate search process by acting as a procurement platform. You can quickly access multiple rates with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for extensive rate searches.

How does Kappal reduce rate procurement time from 48 hours to just 2 minutes?

Kappal’s direct access to spot rates and real-time data allows for rapid rate procurement, reducing the time spent on rate negotiations and ensuring faster responses to customer inquiries.

Can Kappal help me benchmark market rates before confirming a booking?

Yes, Kappal allows you to benchmark market rates, ensuring you secure the most competitive rates for your shipments before confirming bookings.

How does Kappal reduce dependency on shipping lines for rate procurement?

Kappal’s direct access to shipping line rates eliminates the need to rely solely on shipping lines for rate information, accelerating the procurement process.

Can I track and trace my ocean cargo with Kappal’s services?

Yes, Kappal provides transparent tracking and tracing capabilities. You can monitor your cargo’s status and location within seconds throughout its journey.

Are ocean freight services suitable for all types of cargo?

Ocean freight services are versatile and can accommodate various types of cargo, including bulk goods, machinery, vehicles, consumer products, and more.

What are the benefits of using ocean freight for international shipments?

The benefits of ocean freight include cost-efficiency for large shipments, global reach, environmental advantages, versatility, reliability, and the ability to transport a wide range of goods.

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